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Processing Your Shipment

Processing Your Shipment

Dotfloor orders are packaged and prepared carefully. All shipments are inspected to ensure proper quantities and styles are correct.

Depending on the type of product ordered, packaging and freight service may vary. In addition, depending on the size of the order, we can also ship via UPS Ground.

We do offer a $189 flat rate on a minimum of a 6 box order. It will take about 5-10 days to reach your address. If you need to expedite shipping products, call for pricing and availability – 1 (800) 642-9929

Let your sales representative know if there are low hanging trees, electrical wires, windy or narrow roads. These could prevent a freight truck delivery.

Dotfloor will make every attempt to find a carrier that can complete the delivery if notified prior to shipping. If we are not notified prior to shipping and the driver cannot complete the delivery, it may be necessary to meet the driver at the closest drop off point or pick up the shipping from the terminal. Re-delivery fees could apply.

Dotfloor Product Delivery  

6 boxes or below Flooring UPS or Fedex Ground

Above 6 Boxes Flooring and Trims Freight Truck

2 Rolls below is UPS or Fedex Ground

Above 2 Rolls Underlayment on Freight Truck 

Installation Kits and Uniform on USPS or UPS Service

Shipping via freight is Monday thru Friday.

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