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On Delivery your Order

In the rare occasion that a product is damaged in transit, please follow these steps:

1. Count and verify the number of cartons.

2. Inspect the cartons carefully for any kind of rips, tears, punctures, dents, crushed corners, wetness or any other signs of possible damage.

3. If you see that the package is damaged open it immediately and inspect the condition of the product.

4. If the package any has damage, note all shortage or damage on delivery receipt. Take photos of the damage. Please be specific about the quantity damaged and its current condition.

5. If you are unable to open the cartons and the cartons are not in perfect condition, then note all visible details on the delivery receipt.

6. If your merchandise is damaged, you must keep the outer carton(s) for inspection and/or carrier pick-up. We assist with replacements only on damaged items.

7. If the product is in very poor condition, you have the option of refusing the order, but also make a note on delivery receipt.

Please contact us as soon as possible if the product is damaged or missing. There is a 4-day window from time of delivery that Dotfloor has to be notified for a complimentary reshipment.

Dotfloor products will have color variation since they are made from natural materials. Please open one box prior to installation to ensure you are satisfied with the product's color.

Open product is not returnable. Please see our return and exchange policy for any applicable fees.

Thank you and we appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines.

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