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Installing vinyl flooring over wood flooring

Installing vinyl flooring over wood flooring

If your place has wood flooring and you want to install vinyl flooring over it, no problem. While the putting vinyl flooring over wood -- also known as wood subflooring -- sounds difficult, it's not too bad especially if you're skilled in DIY (do it yourself) projects. The wood subfloor just needs to be prepared beforehand.

Here's how to prep your wood subfloor for vinyl flooring to go over it.

Step 1:

Cover your existing subfloor area where new vinyl flooring will be installed with 1/4-inch plywood. Measure the pieces to make sure they fit in the designated area. Cut these pieces using either a lumber yard or cutting it with a circular saw.

Step 2:

When placing the plywood, make sure they don’t go directly over the joints of your wood subfloor. Leave a 1/4-inch expansion gap when placing the piece around walls and joints.

Step 3:

Secure your plywood pieces in place using 1-inch decking screws. You'll want to hide the screw heads below the surface of your plywood pieces.

Step 4:

Use appropriate floor patching material and fill the screw head areas. Smooth these areas using medium-grit sandpaper to create a perfectly level surface for your luxury vinyl material.

Step 5:

Clean your floors thoroughly to ensure no debris remains. Use either a broom and dust plan or a vacuum to clean the area.

Step 6:

Once the area is clean and free of debris, you can begin your luxury vinyl flooring installation.